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As recommended in The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Stylist and The Guardian, RAPID TAPPING® is the transformational success and wellbeing methodology and movement based on the brilliance of EFT (AKA Emotional Freedom Technique) with a focus on manifesting results, rapidly and simply. 


Used by Fortune 100s, entrepreneurs and A-list celebrities, the tapping technique is clinically proven to reduce overwhelm and anxiety by up to 60% in a matter of minutes, as well as a host of other emotional and physical issues such as phobias, body pain, self-doubt and low mood.

RAPID TAPPING® is the place where cutting edge science and ancient spirituality meet. It harnesses a unique 'negative to positive' frequency methodology to pull us up into a higher vibration. Once 'in the zone', it's much easier to manifest what we want; be that the confidence to scale a business, income opportunities, better health, or even a new love relationship. We don't just use tapping for clearing out stress, we use it to create more possibilities, in all areas of life.


Recent years have been challenging for our emotions and dreams. It can feel like we're trapped, stuck, overwhelmed. But we are proud to say that our simple success system has kept thousands to keep creating the impossible when circumstances seem so uncertain. 


We are part of House of Possibility, a self and soul-development company specialising in energetics, coaching and manifestation. Our friendly Club community is committed to attracting joy, fulfilment and productivity in every area of life by truly re-programming limiting beliefs, habits and negative thought-loops.

If you are ready to positively change your life and finally step into your personal power then let's get you tapped in today. 

Tapping has been clinically proven* to


Reduction in signs of depression

Founder of RAPID TAPPING® Poppy Delbridge is passionate about activating positive emotional change as an EFT Practitioner, Energy Coach and Success Strategist to celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and CEO's alike.


With a 15+ year background in global creative media, and featured as one of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine) she's known for achieving radical results for some of the world's most inspiring leaders and mavericks, empowering ‘Energy Shifts’ to access highest-level success and unlock 360' fulfilment.


Across New York to LA to London, she’s been described as a “modern haute healer”, “a supercoach” and “the life-changer” by her high-level network using her multi-disciplinary certified techniques of neuro-linguistic programming, EFT, Ericksonian hypnosis, reiki, spiritual intuition, neuroscience and psychoanalysis. An in-house expert for Soho House, AllBright and Fortune 100s, her sought-after approach is pioneering, rapid and long-lasting. 

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*(Church & Brooks, 2010; Bach et al, 2019)