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We are Tapping In on

Fancy a taste of Rapid Tapping? Every Monday at 11:11am (UK time) Tapping expert Poppy Delbridge offers a free IG Live Rapid Tapping session to kickstart your week for 15 minutes. As well as this, we have free tips, taps and taster events on our instagram page so do follow us here. We have a strong worldwide community, so add a regular note in your diary and come join us 

Our movement gets crowds moving worldwide!

Rapid Tapping involves not just your mind but your body - energy can often be 'trapped' in the body after years of a certain belief and we like to get moving (just a a little bit!) to step into a more joyful state.

Check out a live Rapid Tapping session from this year's Happy Place Festival with Fearne Cotton!

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