As featured in The Daily Mail & ES Magazine's 2021 Health Therapy lists, The Sunday Times Style and The Telegraph Magazine, RAPID TAPPING® is the transformational success and wellbeing system based on the brilliance of EFT (AKA Emotional Freedom Technique) but the more accessible version. 


Used by the US Military and A-list celebrities alike, the tapping technique is clinically proven to reduce overwhelm and anxiety by up to 60% in a matter of minutes, as well as a host of other emotional and physical issues such as phobias, body pain and low mood.

RAPID TAPPING® uses a unique 'negative to positive' frequency methodology to pull us up into a higher vibration. Once 'in the zone', it's much easier to manifest possibilities into our lives; be that the confidence to scale a business, income opportunities, or a new love relationship. We use it to create and achieve our wildest goals.


2020 was a challenging year for our emotional health and practical results but our simple success system has kept us feeling in flow when circumstances are uncertain. 


Our friendly community is committed to attracting joy, fulfilment and productivity in every area of life by truly re-programming limiting beliefs, habits and negative loops.

If you are ready to change your life, to upgrade your mindset and finally step into your personal power then let's get tapping today. 

Emotional Freedom Technique

has been clinically proven* to


Reduction in signs of depression

Creative Businesswoman, Success Mentor and Founder of RAPID TAPPING® Poppy Delbridge is passionate about activating positive emotional change.


With a background in media, and featured as one of “Television’s Most Powerful Women” (Glamour magazine) she's known for empowering ‘Energy Shifts’ to unleash true success and 360' wellbeing. 


Across New York to LA to London, she’s been described as a “modern haute healer”, “a supercoach” and “the life-changer” by her high-level network using her creative development techniques; here she will personally lead your livestream and on-demand RAPID TAPPING® sessions.


*(Church & Brooks, 2010; Bach et al, 2019)