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Dr Nina Bal, Dentist and

So calm but energised; absolutely incredible. “Tapping with Poppy was so transformational.

Stephen B, Comedian and Presenter



I slept better than I have in months!

Katie M, Theatre Director

Rapid Tapping rocks - the commitment and intention to do this every day has given me extra hours in the day. I feel productive.

Lucy, Illustrator

I feel cleansed, like I’ve had a brain massage.

I had my best sleep of the past week last night after using this tap! (July guided) 

My mind was settled and I went from feeling overwhelmed/exhausted to calmly tired and ready for sleep.


I now look forward to my morning Rapid Tapping fix and I only started at the weekend! Addicted! Wow!

Cassie E

Katie Brindle – Self Care Expert and Award Winning Founder

Poppy is one of the best healers I have come across in my own journey. If you want to take your tapping to the next level I really urge you to work with Poppy.

Sadie Frost – Founder of Frost Body

I think Rapid Tapping is a great thing to learn for everybody, it’s something you can do on the train, on the tube, on the bus.

Fearne Cotton – Mother, Broadcaster, Writer

I still feel the buzz now, my energy is different , I can feel maybe a lightness and a bit more ease in my physical body. The energy! I can definitely feel it.

The most popular sessions were Rapid Tapping: employees really engaged, it really did have an impact.


Naomi Mellor - The Skylark Collective

Poppy is AWESOME! Can’t thank her enough for helping me establish my business, revamp my mindset and learn about tapping. She’s an absolute superstar.

Sarah Oxley – XO Social

Poppy is absolutely amazing, she taught me Rapid Tapping during the first lockdown and it’s now a tool I use in my life every day.

Zoe Williams – The Guardian

Exactly what I was after: grounding, undramatic, low effort, more or less impossible to screw up. A quick fix.

Daisy Steinfort

Came to this set not feeling much resistance, but leaving feeling lighter and with what feels like even less resistance, and a LOT of gratitude for all that my body does for me. 

This tap had such a fantastic effect on me today. Especially after clearing with Poppy in my 1:1. I feel energised, hopeful, happy. I am grateful for my body for protecting me and honouring my Intentions. I wish everyone to be free from resistance and to acknowledge the possibility of change. 💋

Wow...had a lot going on in my head today....feels like it has all floated away. Off for an early night now. Thank you Poppy 💖

Clare M

Lolly Howes 

Justine N, Spiritual Healer

I have absolutely loved doing my Rapid Tapping sessions, it's been a really positive way to start my day, so quickly turning around any negative emotions or blocks into positive thought patterns and clarity for the day!

Laura H, Artist

Rapid Tapping has been so wonderful to shift me out of any negative mindset stuff I’ve had going on. It’s also really helped me to just TAKE ACTION and smash through tasks without all of the mental ‘background chatter’.

Sarah Stacey, Journalist
and Health expert

I felt noticeable shifts in my body. Ripples of energy going up my thighs. The sense of a hot heart cooled and calmed. At the end, I had an urge to spread my arms wide and hug the world.

Holly Davies, Health and Wellbeing trainer

I came across Poppy a couple of years ago on Instagram and was lucky enough to win a coaching call with her. It was a period in my life when I was quite low, depressed and had been dealing with infertility. Poppy gave me some really insightful advice and a lot of it really rang true with me. I like to think we became "virtual friends" and Poppy's content and lives on Instagram really helped me during the pandemic. It was during the lockdown nearly a year ago I decided I wanted to give IVF a try which was quite a big decision for me, as I never felt strong enough before that point and I knew it would be a difficult process. My mind, body and spirit felt healthy and ready and I really wanted to implement all of Poppy's tools to help me through the process.


 I joined Poppy's Tapping Starter Kit at the start of the year which was perfect timing to get my mindset in the right place. I tapped the mantra "The IVF is going to work first time" every day until I believed it with every ounce of my body. I felt strangely calm during the IVF process and not stressed and hormonal as other people had described it. I visualised and believed to my core that the IVF was going to work first time. I am happy to say that upon writing this I am 13 weeks pregnant! Seeing the positive pregnancy test after all these years was something that before I never believed would happen to me. Although I still have a long way to go, I feel utterly grateful, happy and blessed. I can't thank Poppy enough for introducing me to this technique and I really recommend it to anyone going through a similar thing.

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