Dr Nina Bal, Dentist and Aesthetician

So calm but energised; absolutely incredible. “Tapping with Poppy was so transformational."

Stephen B, Comedian and Presenter



"I slept better than I have in months!"

Katie M, Theatre Director

"Rapid Tapping rocks - the commitment and intention to do this every day has given me extra hours in the day. I feel productive."

Justine N, Spiritual Healer

I have absolutely loved having my morning Rapid Tapping sessions, it's been a really positive way to start my day, so quickly turning around any negative emotions or blocks into positive thought patterns and clarity for the day!

Laura H, Artist

Rapid Tapping has been so wonderful to shift me out of any negative mindset stuff I’ve had going on. It’s also really helped me to just TAKE ACTION and smash through tasks without all of the mental ‘background chatter’.

Sarah Stacey, Journalist

and Health expert

I felt noticeable shifts in my body. Ripples of energy going up my thighs. The sense of a hot heart cooled and calmed. At the end, I had an urge to spread my arms wide and hug the world.